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To the naked eye the rebranding and restructuring of the Kenya National Youth Service may seem new, fresh and exciting. However for those who have closely followed the intricate process that has been the new beginning of NYS it is clear that it has been a very deliberate process and extremely well thought out; resulting in unprecedented results. 

Initially it all started with the President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta’s strong desire to ensure the over 40% on unemployed youth had purpose, and contributed to the development of the country. It is from this point in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary of Devolution and Planning Ms. Anne Waiguru the 5 point vision was born. For over 50 years the NYS had been a symbol of pride for the youth, somewhere for the youth to go and learn discipline as well as picking up skills that would help them later in life. However we must all move with the time and this is no different of NYS.


The 5 point vision encompasses the following elements; paramilitary training and service regulation, national service and youth re-socialization, dam and road construction, slum civil works and finally security traffic Martials. To achieve this ambitious 5 point vision one would need to give the service a whole new look, to illustrate to the world that things had changed at NYS. This started with the logo and official NYS motto, to be followed by change of the service uniform and theme colours to match the brand. The justification of the rebrand was to attract the youth at all costs, ensuring they are proud of their uniforms and believe in the motto they embody. This was extremely successful as during the first recruitment exercise after the rebrand the number of recruits increased from 4000 to 20000 as youth across the country flocked to recruitment centres anxious to be a part of the transformed Kenya.  This number is increasing steadily with each recruitment exercise, as the mandate and respect of the service engulfs the whole country.





Branded NYS vehicles







A completely new element of the rebranded and restructured NYS is the encompassing of community youth in ensuring the goals set by the 5 point vision are met. This was initially launched in Kibera in 2014; before being extended to Mathare, Korogocho and Mukuru Kwa Njenga informal settlements and Kiandutu earlier this year. Through empowering the youth, NYS has engaged over 3,600 community youth. To this end, economic empowerment has taken centre stage to ensure sustainable human development across the country. With the daily wage of Khs.471 that the community youth earn every day, they have been organized into SACCOs where they are saving 30% of their daily wages for the period of time they are contracted to execute development projects. Through the creation of Bankable Institutions and Saving Practices the youth have been encouraged to venture into self-employment and establish enterprises to generate additional income. As a result, the Kibera community youth have saved 45 million with an anticipated increase in savings to the tune of Kshs.90 Million


In a bid to restore human dignity and improve sanitation standards in Kibera, NYS servicemen in collaboration with the community youth have built a total of 96 ablution blocks that are connected to sewer line. On the other hand, the crime rate has reduced by 75% after the construction of 9 police posts across Kibera. To date 9 Beyond Zero clinics have been established to provide maternal and child health care that is expected to improve the mortality rate in this informal settlement.


To ensure food security is sustained for the residents of Kibera, more than 13,000 urban agriculture sacks have been set up to facilitate the growth of kale. Similarly 9 Posho mills have been constructed to ensure the residents have access to affordable maize meal. In similar fashion 72 fish tanks across Kibera will provide lower prices as compared to the market prices. The NYS initiated projects will be handed over to the community youth to ensure sustainability.


Access roads and pathways have been laid, 3.5 km of road linking the slum to Mbagathi way has been laid to bitumen standards and lit up by the state owned Kenya Power and Lighting Company. This has created an enabling environment for business by providing access and security at any hour day or night.

 Upon completion of the youth empowerment project in the informal settlements,


NYS aspires to have accomplished; the construction of 228 ablution blocks connected to 17.5 km of Sewer lines, 38 built and completed model houses and Posho mills and placement of 304 fish tanks. In addition to these, the fabrication and setting up of 38 Beyond Zero health clinics, 38 police posts and placing of urban agriculture 85,014 urban agriculture sacks across the settlements. Similarly the construction of 13.44 Km of access road up with 52 high mast security floodlights equipped with 400Watts LED lights. As a result of the numerous success of the Youth Empowerment Programme this has been extended to 21 counties across the country, and recruitment for the community youth is currently ongoing.



Biometric Registration of All Community Youth (Cohorts)

Engaged under the NYS Youth Empowerment Programme


The NYS has launched the biometric registration of all Community Youth engaged under the NYS Youth Empowerment Programme. The exercise commenced on Thursday 28th January 2016 from 8:00 am in all 69 Constituencies where the Programme had been running and will continue until completed in the next six days.

With the re-launch of the National Youth Service after 50 years, The service has successfully managed to recruit and train 10,740 young men and women who had their pass-out on 23rd of April 2015.

NYS will soon add Gikomba market to its list of achieved milestones. The famous market known for it affordable second hand clothes and merchandise.

NYS will undertake cleaning in various parts of the market.

The national youth service top 100 officers under the leadership of the Director General Dr. Nelson Githinji this past week held a team building session in Naivasha. 

To the naked eye the rebranding and restructuring of the Kenya National Youth Service may seem new, fresh and exciting. However for those who have closely followed the intricate process that has been the new beginning of NYS it is clear that it has been a very deliberate process and extremely well thought out; resulting in unprecedented results. 

From left at the dais, Dr. Nelson Githnji Dir, General NY, Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Dep, Gov Jonathan Mueke, Devolution C.S Ms. Anne Waiguru, Kiambu Gov. William Kabogo among other stakeholders.


"I joined the National Youth Service in the year 1986 just after I completed my A levels. I believe the discipline and work ethic that was instilled in me is what has led me to become what I am today."
William Samoei Ruto,
Deputy president of the Republic of Kenya