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Mandate & Functions

National Youth Service

Mandate & Functions


The broad mandate of the Service is to undertake training of members; commercialize production and services; and collaborate with stakeholders for furtherance of NYS functions.

Functions of the NYS

The functions of the NYS, as stipulated by the NYS Act, 2018 are to:

i. Undertake paramilitary training of members of the Service;

ii. Instill in members of the Service a tradition of patriotism, loyalty, integrity, duty and service to the nation;

iii. Provide Vocational training, professional and personal development programmes and activities for members of the Service; iv. Undertake such enterprises and commercial activities pursuant to the provisions of the fourth schedule of the Constitution;

v. Collaborate with stakeholders for the furtherance of the Service functions;

vi. Initiate, plan, organize, fund, manage and administer programmes and activities for the development of members of the Service;

vii. Develop leadership skills in members of the Service;

viii. Develop cross cultural integration among members of the Service; and

ix. Perform any other function that may be conferred by the Act or any other written law.