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Strategic Pillars

Paramilitary training and Service regimentation is the entry point into the Service. The Service aim at achieving social inclusion by recruiting youth from all sub-counties across the country and include people with disability (PWDs), vulnerable and marginalized youth, and increase the number of female recruits. The recruits are required to be Kenyans with minimum K.C.S.E mean grade from D plain, must be 18-24 years and must be in possession of a certificate of good conduct. Youth, upon recruitment into NYS are regimented and taken through six-months paramilitary training programme. Paramilitary training molds character and inculcates in the youth a unique sense of discipline, patriotism, loyalty, integrity, resilience, duty and service to the nation.

The National Service programme is the second phase where the Servicemen and Women transit to a one-year National Service Programme after passing out form the paramilitary training. During this phase SM/W undertake socio-economic tasks of national importance such as disaster management; agricultural production; planting of trees; security services to strategic government installations; sourcing out manual and semi- skilled human labour; upgrading and construction of roads and buildings; mentorship programmes, outreach (exchange) programmes to give total behaviour change; life skills; instilling national values; talent and innovation development; establishment of youth clubs and societies; recognition for prior learning and later certification; experiential learning, volunteerism, and general duty.

The Technical and Vocational Training is the third phase where servicemen/women who successfully complete national service are enrolled to undertake technical and vocational courses. Vocational training equips the youth with skills that can help them secure employment or start their own businesses. The Service has 17 technical and vocational Institutions across the country offering Artisan, Craft Certificate, Diploma and Professional courses in various disciplines. Upon completion of their respective courses, the Servicemen and women discharge (exit) from the Service.

NYS Commercial and Enterprise Development aims at increasing job and training opportunities for youth while enhancing revenue generation for sustainability of the Service. Commercial and enterprise activities also increase youth skilling, employment and wealth creation for the youth. The Service undertakes water bottling, bakery production, certified potato seed production, hire of vehicles, machinery and equipment, and garment production commercial activities. The Service plans to undertake other viable commercial enterprises that include leather production, climate smart agriculture, production of affordable building and construction materials to support affordable housing agenda under BETA, and security services.